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and these are some of
the ideas that guide us:


Get away from routine, escape the city and reconnect with nature. Our collection is designed to amplify landscapes. Let's become new primitive explorers!

Dwell Small

Dwelling in small spaces involves expanding the experience of what surrounds us, looking for a simple life, consuming less energy and leaving as little a footprint as possible. Use just what is necessary, a shelter, a cabin, or a retreat, not a conventional house any longer.

Digital Wood

Our collection is built using CLT, large-scale, prefabricated, solid engineered and digitally milled wood panels. Through innovative and industrialized processes, we achieve a clean, fast, precise and, above all, beautiful and environmentally friendly product.

Live Remote
Each and every landscape is unique. Through simple and fast installation operations and off-grid products we accomplish turning remote landscapes into extraordinary places for you to experience.

We are a global team motivated to provide a high-end prefab system for every new explorer. Now delivering from Brazil and Portugal.

Write to us at info@minimod.com.br,
it is good to know we still have other landscapes waiting for us ;)